April Reminder

Hi ’02 guys and gals!

Well, here we are in April 2020, stuck in our houses, wishing we were out there celebrating the formation of the 2002 Forever Chapter of the BMW CCA. On any normal year we’d be getting ready to join Bo Black in Arkansas at the Mid-America 02 Fest. For me that event is the high point of the year and I’m deeply saddened to miss it. And we’re all missing other car shows everywhere around the country—what a loss. Of course, these are first world problems of little importance—we will continue to isolate ourselves for the common good as long as necessary.

Eventually life will return to some semblance of normal. We’ll be able to relax, travel, gather together, eat in restaurants, shake hands, hug our friends—and have 2002 events! Maybe by late spring or summer we’ll be there; certainly by fall. The rescheduled Mid-America 02 Fest is in August; hopefully we’ll be able to have that one. Then the BMW CCA Octoberfest happens in California in September.  Those regional/national Octoberfests will be good opportunities for us to have our own 2002 Forever Chapter conventions at the same time and place. Plan on that—every time there’s a regional Octoberfest, we’ll have a big 2002 Chapter gathering.

In the meantime, submit stuff to the 2002 Forever website—news, event plans, project progress, even feature articles about cars, people, and past events. Anything you find interesting, others will too. Especially in these times of confinement, we all need entertainment.

Terry Sayther
Vintage Bimmers
Terry Sayther Automotive