(OLD)Status update on the new BMW 2002 chapter

Hello fellow 2002 Forever members!

Terry Sayther here again welcoming all of you petition signers to what WILL become our new non-geographic CCA Chapter—-we ARE the chapter. There’s about 300 of us so far, so we have well surpassed the CCA requirement for 250 members on the application petition. That was a big hurdle and we passed it easily.

Next we need a cadre of temporary officers. I have volunteered to be a temporary President, Doug in Chicago has volunteered to be temp vice president, Bryan Eagle is our webmaster–but we need a few more officers on the masthead. All the usual ones have to be listed—sec, treas, event master, newsletter editor, any others? I am planning to recruit leaders of events around the country to be Regional Vice Presidents or Czars or some such. The national club will be taking care of the legal stuff for us and the bank account, so that’s good news.

I suspect the temporary officers will 1.) not have much to do since Bryan and I are doing most of the work at this stage, and 2)be lightly pressured to become elected officers. I sincerely encourage anyone with the time and inclination to volunteer.

By the way, Paul Wegweiser has volunteered to be our official “Bluto Blutarsky”, a very important office, and Scott Aaron wants to be”VP of Special Projects” so that “he needn’t do anything”. I vote we accept those volunteers by acclaim.

In another week or so there will be a National Board Meeting at which Jeff Gomon¬† will present our case for chapter formation—we expect it to be approved. Meanwhile, Bryan and I are working on the website. He’s good at artwork, so that’s pretty well under control. I want to publish a list of nationwide vintage and 2002 events, so I need help with that. Please send me info about any known relevant events, who are the principal organizers,¬† contact info, and websites.

OK, thanks everybody, we’re well on our way. Thanks again for stepping up. More soon—Terry